Are you trying to learn English? One of the best ways to learn English is by playing games and watching sports in English, and you can memorise the important phrases. We are giving you 10 football phrases to help you when you play or watch soccer, so you can improve your sports English.

We have selected ten phrases that you will either hear 👂 or say 🗣 when playing (or even watching) football. Can you identify which ones you will say and which ones you will hear?

Let’s begin learning some useful football phrases!

Try saying them outloud, and see if you can remember the whole list without looking.

  • Pass the ball!
  • I’m on your left!
  • Cross it in!
  • Man on!
  • It’s a throw in.
  • Five minutes to half time.
  • That’s a foul, penalty kick.
  • That looked like a handball.
  • One more yellow card and he’s off the pitch.
  • Looks like Perez is getting ready to come off the bench.

There you have it! (If you don’t know what “there you have it” means, see our expressions articles).

Now you are ready to use and understand your basic football phrases when watching or playing football. If you already know these phrases and would like some more help, we recommend looking through other phrases articles, mixing-and-matching phrases, and working together with private tutors.

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