Are you trying to learn English? One of the best ways to learn English is by memorising phrases. Here you can find 10 English {{mpg_category}} phrases to help you when you {{mpg_activity}}.

We have selected ten phrases that you will either hear 👂 or say 🗣 when {{mpg_location}}. Can you identify which ones you will say and which ones you will hear?

Let’s begin learning some useful {{mpg_category}} phrases!

  • {{mpg_phrase1}}
  • {{mpg_phrase2}}
  • {{mpg_phrase3}}
  • {{mpg_phrase4}}
  • {{mpg_phrase5}}
  • {{mpg_phrase6}}
  • {{mpg_phrase7}}
  • {{mpg_phrase8}}
  • {{mpg_phrase9}}
  • {{mpg_phrase10}}

There you have it! (If you don’t know “there you have it” means, see our expressions articles).

Now you are ready to use your basic {{mpg_category}} phrases {{mpg_location}}. If you already know these phrases and would like some more help, we recommend looking through other phrases articles, mixing-and-matching phrases, and working together with private tutors.

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